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STM32 as Slave on te I2C long-term reliability + example


I am thinking of maybe STM32G0B1CB as Slave on I2C.

More precisely. For example, STM32 would monitor the voltage on 8 lines (ADC), on I2C each line would be presented with 3 registers, Low Voltage High Voltage as writing and Actual Voltage as reading. The function is clear if the voltage reaches between the set limit set IRQ and be able to send data to the I2C Master.
Nothing complicated, according to my basic I2C slave behavior.
My questions.

1. Is it possible to find an example for an I2C slave?

2. What is the reliability of such a solution compared to a HW solution, for example, if an ADC, for example AD1115, was used instead of STM32 on the same I2C?


Douglas MILLER
ST Employee

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