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Propogation delay from comarator to timer to start ADC sampling


I have a project to use the STM32L496 to sample an analog pulse for processing.

The sceraio as followes:

Input guassain pulse will be fed to postive comparator input, the negative terminal will be set by the DAC. Once the signal above the DAC threshold, it should start a sampling timer for an adjustable  total sample time (i.e. 10 uSec)  based on pulse width.  The samping time will be around 1 uSec.  I will be driving this uC to maximum speed of 72 Mhz.

I would like to know the total system delay from when the signal is above threshold until the ADC start sampling?

Comparator propogation delay (??) ns ( i think it is about 80 ns)

Comparator to the start the timer (??)

Timer to start the ADC (??)

I could not easily find the information from data sheet and I do appreciate if you could help.

Another question, it is possible to directly trigger the ADC to start sampling a known number of samples, I think NO, but would like to confirm