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New to STM32 and WIFI USB: Best Options and Beginner questions




I'm currently embarking on making some USB and Wireless HID/Midi devices for personal use. In looking through my options, I stumbled across a nordic nRF24LU1P transeiver which has been used by logictech and others for their wireless rf dongles—Id like to avoid bluetooth if possible). The rub: the nRF24LU1P and that entire lineup is end of life and more or less unavailable most places. It looks like they now have the nRF7002, but that doesnt seem to have support with stm32.


This is more or less my first attempt in making my own design(s) from scratch, picking components and everything,and I'm definitely more comfortable in the coding and digital side than the electronics and hardware.


1) What are some reasonable, reliable RF transceivers on the market that are a good paring for the STM32 lineup?

2) I noticed that the nRF24LU1P is both the transceiver and usb interface—in the case of the logitech dongle. The whole point of going with the stm32 lineup was to ensure that I have the computing capabilities needed for my projects; so, would I need an stm32 in both the device and dongle, or is it better to have the stronger module/mcu directly plugged into the USB buss—while the one within the device could be more energy efficient since it is not directly communicating with the USB but rather the MCU on the dongle?

3) Would my custom driver(s) and implementation go onto the chip directly connected to the USB buss, or would this be from the controllers/keyboards themselves? I'd guess it is whatever is directly plugged into the USB host, since that would enable the controller to send simpler commands via wifi and have them converted/translated into more complicated actions.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated. If there are any additional sources on the topic of usb devices and wifi, I'd greatly accept some reading recommendations.