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Does powering shorted board hurt stm32?

Associate II

firstly i am new to here, dont know much rules about posting. 1 minute ago i saw post about shorted power dont kills mcu but can it damage stm32?

so i shorted my 3d printer board(stm32g0b1ret6 probably) via 3.3v and gnd(general probably). i checked by heat and only 5v to 3.3v regulator heats up and melts solder flux except that 5v and gnd doesnt beeb at continuity test but 3.3v and gnd does it so i checked several capacitors and they beebs at continuity test, at schematichs there is much capacitors that connects 3.3v to gnd and these are dead by shock. 

can i fix my board by replacing just all capacitors? and does powering shocked board damages itself?

board is skr e3 v3 and im still waiting a solution from them but they dont do much

i will upload needed docs.(at shorted referance black is fixing bolts which is framed ground, yellow is resistor red is how it shorted).


Associate II

i am thinking about removing every capacitors with testing short, i already lost capacitors and resistors at sd card side so doing it wont hurt me except of finding same capacitors as its own feature