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Differences between ST Nucleo U575ZI Q and b_u585i_iot02a Boards

Associate II

My question is related to the stm32u575 and bu585's board definitions in the Zephyr Project. Actually, there is no question related to the hw design.

I shared these questions on the Zephyr repo but no one has given an answer yet.


  1. Regardless of the dev board HW design. I am wondering Why doesn't the 575zi board have board options/configurations/dts design for the tfm build configs and memory partitions while b_u585i_iot02a does. I think this is a common feature of this chip family. So there is a _ns dts board design for b_u585i_iot02a but not for the U575ZI 

  2. This is from the b_u585i_iot02a_ns.dts file. I just wanted to calculate total memory size and add all allocated memory regions defined in the dts file and here is the result. ~16kb is missed while the sum of all regions' size is exactly 1mb in the b_u585i_iot02a.dts. Curious why the non-secure config is missing 16kb (normally 2mb = 1024*1024*2 byte = 2,097,152 )

3. Why does the b_u585i_iot02a_ns have a 224kb boot portion size? Is it configurable for the board option _ns

4. Can I use the entire 2mb flash configuration for the u575zi board? Do I really need to have _ns configuration for the u575zi board?

Thank you so much for your help.
Kind regards