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Accurate understanding of "STM32G491CCU6" ADC DMA1, ADC DMA2

Associate II

Now I'm using the "STM32G491CCU6" MCU.
It uses 5 and 4 channels of ADC1 and ADC2, respectively, while also using DMA.
However, I configured it to use Rank and make DMA interrupt, and when writing code through STM32CubeIDE, I set "HAL_ADC_Start_DMA" and "HAL_ADC_Stop_DMA" to run ADC1 first and then read ADC2. Which of the five channels read from the ADC1 side is the problem? Up to Rank 1 and 2 out of 5 channels work well, but Rank 3 doesn't seem to work properly. Attach ".ioc" and ".project". To put it simply, the purpose is to accurately accept the values read from line 152. I am testing internally while configuring the board, but can the ADC value from the 3Pin sensor to SIGNAL not be measured properly in the corresponding MCU? In case of a temperature sensor consisting of 2Pin, the ADC value is coming out well.