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X-CUBE-USB-PD problem, stopped responding to anything after I unplugged the cable.

Associate II

The X-CUBE-USB-PD is running on my custom PCB with the STM32F072CB and FUSB307B. That project is based on the sample project, EVAL_FUSB307B_DRP, which works as a DRP.

When I have traces functioning at build time and the system is acting as a source, if I pull the plug, the program may not respond to anything after that.

Pulling the plug when the trace is off and when the system is acting as a sink will not cause any problems.

The last I2C communication record.

Immediately after an attempt to access the 0x70(VBUS_VOLTAGE_L) register, the system stops responding.The alert has been on LOW ever since.


Associate II

I proceeded with the analysis.

This happens right after the PE task has finished.

I suspect that this is the trouble with the I2C peripherals' exclusive control.

After the cable detaches, the Alart task terminates the PE task. If the PE task is in the middle of accessing I2C at that time, it will exit with the I2C locked.

Guenael Cadier
ST Employee

Dear @Y.Nomura​ 

Your analysis makes sense. ST team will check this scenario, and correct delivered FW accordingly.


Associate II

Hi Guenael.

Thank you for your response.

I initially set the I2C speed to 180KHz, but when I set it to 870KHz this problem did not occur.