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Senior III

There is a new Digital Power software expansion pack for STM32Cube, X-CUBE-DPOWER.

Does anyone know if the default code generated will immediately work on STEVAL-ISA172V2?


Just curious, the compilation is one thing but does it actually work on your B-G474E-DPOW1?

Associate II

The project works on the B-G474E-DPOW1 Discovery kit. I have searched the instruction about the joystick on the board and with an oscilloscope I have seen the Automatic and Manual resistor load selection. The LED's on the board flashing as expected.

I haven't the documentation of the source so I haven't seen the ramp for example. There is the following comment on the head of the file app_dpower.c:

This example implements a PSU Phase-Shift Full-Bridge topology in CCM.

I hope ST provide a brief documentation of the source on how to test the ramp...

Associate III

@GRINA.1​ ,

As indicated into our User's Manual and the dedicated Application Notes applied to each topology, the standard library shall be selected as well ;-).

FYI, it brings the DPC_Miscellaneous (header and source) files and few others available for the project generation.

Best Regards