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[STM32F769I-EVAL] Can I use both the Audio and Ethernet functionalities at the same time on an application?

Associate II

So this question arises because the jumpers 3 and 6 of the board switch between either Audio or Ethernet, and I'm not sure in what capacity they're mutually exclusive or not.

As an example imagine an application for audio streaming over Ethernet:

  • can I use the mics to capture sound and send it through an Ethernet connection?
  • can I receive audio data from the Ethernet connection and play it through the board's audio output?

The documentation I found on these two specific jumpers wasn't satisfatory to draw any conclusions, as such I ask here if anyone has had any experience with this particular case

thanks in advance, xoxo


No. If these pins are used by Ethernet, they won't be available for use by the SAI.

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Associate II

well that's unfortunate but let me try to clear up something still

JP3 connects PA2 to either SAI2_SCKB or MII_MDIO (Ethernet) while JP6 connects PC1 to either SAI1_SDA or MII_MDC (Ethernet)

now, bearing in mind that the board comes with 2 SAIs, even if I still need to use the ethernet signals above, I could still use the other available SAI signals, in this case:



this last one - SAI2_SDB - is available on the board for connection with PA0, so that's that solved but for the SCKx signal there's non available on the board, at least that's what I get from the "Evaluation board with STM32F769NI MCU" file

I confess that I'm a bit lost on these hardware technicalities, but theoretically it should be possible to build an application for audio streaming over ethernet with this board, right?

I’m not an expert with SAI, but I don’t think using half the pins from SAI1 and the other half from SAI2 will give you a single working SAI.
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