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Safety Critical Application

Associate III

Hi everyone,

We are developing safety device which need to go in a fail safe mode in any kind of failure to achieve SIL2 or SIL3 level of safety. And we want achieve UL certification.

And we are using STM32G0B1CBTx MCU. And for writing code I am referring STM32G0 Series safety manual (UM2455). There are huge number of safety instructions are given.

And I am using STL library for diagnostic. So, do I need to implement all the safety instructions in my code or Just STL library only?

Safety instructions like:-

CPU_SM_0:- Periodical software test addressing permanent faults in Arm® Cortex® M0+ CPU core

and so on for CPU, RAM, Flash and for all peripherals like timer, uart etc

So, basically what are things I need to take care for UL certification?

Petr Sladecek
ST Employee


specific STL documentation (which is part of the legal delivery of the FW) keeps answers to your questions. As the STL FW delivery is subject of NDA, you should not use this ST FW without signing this agreement with ST. Anyway, the main principle here is to achieve sure level of diagnostic coverage required by the standard overall the system involved at the safety task. As you can read at the family safety manual, results of ST calculations (FMEA and FMEDA - subject of NDA as well) are based on specific conditions.

I strongly suggest handling next communication and support with your local FAE who cares of the FW delivery as this public forum is not proper area to discuss this topic.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,