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How to send audio over Ethernet to STM32F429ZI board?

Associate II

My laptop act as server and my board (both the end are using statically configured IP) should receive the audio through Ethernet and store it on OTG USB drive.


I would use a plain TCP/IP connection.

Not aware of any higher-level streaming protocol implemented with LwIP.

Just keep irrelevant network traffic away, i.e. a ethernet adapter.

You will probably need some buffering scheme, to decouple ethernet reads from USB writes, and avoid stalls.

I don't understand the background. Why not storing the audio directly on the PC/laptop ?

Most projects are the other way around - the MCU streams real-time data to the PC.

I have to get real time audio through Ethernet and process it on board then revert to server(PC/laptop).

USB operation now not needed 🙂

If you have sample demo please share

Thanks in advance.

> If you have sample demo please share

Not my area of interest, sorry.

You will surely find several Cube examples for ethernet. Not sure if Cube is a good choice for hard real-time.

The F429 discovers doesn't seem to come with an ethernet phy.