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Fresh install of CubeMX 5.6 - can't install latest CMSIS, CUBE-LRWAN, MEMSMIC, analog, timcooker libraries - all report .pdsc failure?


Trying to do a build of STM32L073, with latest CMSIS, LRWAN, MEMSMIC, and other libraries, but all seem to fail install into CubeMX on Win10. All install attempts report some .pdsc database failure. This is a new / clean install, and trying to add packages locally / manually since they don't show up on the available libraries list.. Thoughts? Would really rather not reinvent the wheel to include the LRWAN, MEMSMIC, analog, timcooker libraries. I'm not seeing known issues with this listed, and I am surprised MEMSMIC and LRWAN aren't available as an option..