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STM32 + USB PD + Voltage and Current control

I work with STM32G4 and USB PD. I have a question about voltage and current control. How is voltage and current controlled during operation so that the values do not go beyond the limits specified in the profile definition? I found only one place in ...

ADoro.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! From the audio codec being used in the STM32H745I-DISCO boards it seems that it can support 2W speakers. Where can I find more information on recommended specs for those speakers?

For some context, we are prototyping a mobile device and want to achieve good quality stereo audio so we'll be buying some samples of various low power mobile speakers, but want to be in the right ball park before we iterate on final designs.

SNort.1 by Associate II
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Hallo. I use stm32h747 with touch gfx. I connected PDM microphone and have error in decoding PDM to PCM, it looks Touch gfx use CRC module and stop PDM to PCM decoding. Is possible use at one system tgfx and PDM ?BR

DDom.1 by Associate II
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STM32F7508-DK not supporting the audio input?

Hi,I'm wondering why the STM32CubeF7 1.16.1 package only supports "microphone 2" (INPUT_DEVICE_DIGITAL_MICROPHONE_2) within stm32f7508_discovery_audio.c / BSP_AUDIO_IN_OUT_Init() ?Is there a technical reason to do so?I would like to record audio thro...

gflix by Associate II
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Resolved! DFSDM with DMA doesn't give expected results

Hello,I am working on application that would use microphone array. Together with STM32H735IG board I decided to use STEVAL-MIC001V1 microphone array connected via DFSDM interface. I based my project on example available in CubeMX - DFSDM_AudioRecord ...

PZare.1 by Associate II
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Speech input & output

Hi,I want to implement a speech IO using stm32f401 discovery board.In this case I am using the onboard digital microphone to acquire the PDM samples using spi2(I2S) interface. After that I am using the PDM filter to convert the PDM samples to PCM sam...