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Resolved! 404 Error,Page not found

hello St member,The below link is not available. I need Audio PDM MW for the STM32H747 DISCO BOARD.Please help to get the Audio file.,Shiv...

Audio performances of STM32L476JGY6TR

Hi!We are starting to develop a product based on an STM32L476JGY6TR.Part of the system would be dealing with a mono audio stream at 6kHz (sampling frequency).I've read in the datasheet that this ST chip offers some audio capabilities using SAI interf...

HDuce.1 by Associate
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PDM2PCM processing steps

Hello,I have used the PDM2PCM library successfully on stm32f4. However, on stm32wl that library is not available and cannot be imported because of the missing FPU.Can someone help me understanding the processing steps performed by the library? Becaus...

frnt by Senior
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Local voice recognition

Hi,On the ST site local voice recognition with models from sensory is beinig advertised.I would like to prototype adding voice recognition with our product. I've created models at sensory and have an audiostream from a mems microphone on the STM32H7....