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Immediate Over-Current Fault in 6 Step Mode

Associate II


After trying to run a EVSPIN32F06Q2S1 in FOC Mode, which is failing at the moment (i'm working on it), i tryed to run on 6 step mode and see if this works.

So i configured the board via mcwb 6.3.0, made the hardware chances which the mcwb told me to do, uploaded it to mcu and tried to run via motor pilot.

At the first tries, the motor started vibrating and wanted to spin, but it failed after a few seconds. Now i face the problem, that IMMEDIATLY when I press "Start" in Motor Pilot, an overcurrent fault occurs. I tryed to measure the current with oscilloscope, but nothing is seeable/no current is flowing.

Can anyone help me with this problem? do i have a wrong current ramp or something like that?

I tryed so much, but nothings helps..

Thank you!


ST Employee

Hello @L_e_o,

According to stspin32f0601 datasheet, the Over Current input PB12 signal (FAULT) is a result of the CIN signal comparison with Vref level.

CIN comes directly from Rshunt measure:


Did you observe the TP13 signal? Internally it is compared to 460mV (Typical).


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