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NanoEdge AI Studio 3.4 is out!

ST Employee

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of NanoEdge AI Studio is now available.

This new version brings improvements in performance and support for STM32 boards, as well as new features to help users earlier in the creation of their machine learning project. 
You can download it here.

What is new in NanoEdge AI Studio 3.4?

  • Introduction of the Sampling Finder tool to assist automatically in finding the appropriate sampling rate and sampling size to use for your specific application.
  • Implementation of a redesigned validation step to experiment with unused datasets using a selected batch of libraries.
  • Introduction of a new anomaly detection algorithm called "Incremental Principal Component Analysis," which improves the accuracy of anomaly detection tasks.
  • Dataloggers now offer a continuous sampling mode, enabling uninterrupted data collection.
  • Advanced Feature Extraction and Selection capabilities for time-series signals, which generally improves the performance of on-device anomaly detection and classification applications.
  • Integration of the new STM32 development boards, including the latest series, into the Studio.
  • Display of the statistical analysis of cross-validation during the benchmark.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Accelerated optimization search during the benchmark, especially for large datasets, with improved robustness with redesigned cross-validation.
  • The emulator now runs at a higher speed, providing a smoother development experience.

Feel free to learn more about NanoEdge AI Studio by looking into our documentation!

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Senior III

Hi AN,

I have been trying to use NanoEdge with my STeveal-Proteus1.  I appear to have "bricked" the firmware in both of my Proteus's they it wont talk to anything. Androis or PC.

How do I load firmware that will work with NanoEdge.

I want to use the STM32Cube Programmer. I have an StLink MINIE. 

Where is the binary and where do I load it in memory i.e. starting address?

The start guides refer to binaries but don't provide any info on where to load them.

I am totally confused with this product. But I'm not yet ready to give up.


Best regards