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Cube.AI Developer Cloud Internal Error



I have recently discovered the cube.AI developer cloud tool and was trying to test it out. For that purpose i have created a small CNN based Auto Encoder neural network; I have created, trained and validated the network with PyTorch, then saved it in ONNX format (attached below is the picture of the .onnx network generated via NETRON app). when upload the network to the cube AI cloud and start the analysis process terminates with the following error

"INTERNAL ERROR: Shape of bias is not consistent: () vs. [(0,)]"

I don't understand what the problem with biases are, and I'm wondering if its a bug at ST backend as it seems to me that comparison between an empty tuple and dimension of 0 are saying the same thing about a dimension?

Is it possible to fix this issue soon? or should I give up on running Auto Encoder networks on ST MCUs for now?

Really apricate help.


1D Auto Encoder.onnx.png

ST Employee

Can you share your model (fake weights are ok) so we could reproduce what you are seeing.