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Edge AI for all. NanoEdge AI Studio autoML tool, now free for STM32 and open to all ARM Cortex-M bas

NanoEdge AI Studio v4.3 is now offered for free to all engineers, giving them the opportunity to create highly efficient TinyML libraries that can be deployed on Cortex-M based microcontrollers. In addition, other enhancements have been integrated to...

ST30449_nanoedge-ai-studio-motor (2).jpg ST30449_nanoedge-ai-studio-motor (2).jpg

Resolved! I have an error code is 23, type is 19, which is AI_ERROR_CODE_INVALID_FORMAT. Is there certain mistakes I could be making?

I've followed the example on Embedded Inference Client API. However when I run the model I get the error code 23 and type 19 which is the AI_ERROR_CODE_INVALID_FORMAT.I've checked the type with the following code and both the input and output return ...

KSOdin2 by Associate III
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Difference between STM32H743 and STM32H747?

Hi,I've made a custom board where I followed the schematics of the STM32H747I-DISCO board. Instead of the stm32h747 I use the stm32h743 microcontroller, because of the availability. I'm working on the 'FoodReco' project and modified it to my needs (c...

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eeeeee by Associate III
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