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After Configuring My Artificial Intelligence Network Using stm32cubeide for Nucleo-144 STM32H745 and then running build, "error: invalid initializer" is Received

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I have created an Artificial intelligence project to be implemented on Nucleo-144 (stm32h745) board. The stm32cubeide created a set of related source and header files all grouped in the X-CUBE-AI folder.

I defined variables in my main.c following an online tutorial. But when I run build I received the error bolded below indicating something wrong in one of the X-CUBE-AI folder created by the software.

The error is as follows: "../X-CUBE-AI/App/gru_network.h:42:3: error: invalid initializer". This error is due to lines 41 and 59 in gru_network.h, as you can see in the attached figures. Note that gru_network.h is a header file auto-generated by the stm32cubeide

What would be the issue?

Thank you.


I have the exact same problem. Does anyone have an answer ? Thank you !