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stm32f411 use mutliple adc


Hello everyone, I want to use 4 sensors with 4 channels in a single ADC on the stm32f411ceu6. There was no adc prescalar in clock config. Actually, I used 2 sensors using 2 channels. With the same logic, when I try to use all 4 of them, it measures in a double order, but it gives the value twice, so normally there should be 4 sensors and 4 lines of data. 1.second 1.sensor 2and4. to the line; 2.sensor 1 and 3. to the line; 2nd second. 3rd sensor prints to 2nd and 4th lines. 4th sensor prints to 1st and 3rd lines. Since 2 sensors are continuous for motor control and 2 sensors are for measurement, it also happens every 5 seconds.


My guess is a mixup in saving results to a buffer, but if you really want a cogent answer, you will have to reveal what the code is. Nobody here is a mind reader.