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LwIP v 2.1.x - makefsdata does not working properly

Associate II

Hi everyone, 
I want to generate fsdata.c file using perl makefsdata file. Everything works fine, the fsdata.c has been generated but with content different in comparison to default fsdata.c from git repository ( My self generated fsdata.c file don't work because I see "This page isn’t working" in my web browser (on the IP address corresponding to the LwIP configuration).

I have attached the fsdata.c file below (generated by stack).

ST Employee

Hello @antweb,


You can find a Win32 executable that can help you here:  FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS/Demo/WIN32-MSVC-lwIP/lwIP_Apps/apps/httpserver_raw_from_lwIP_download/makefsdata at master · DuinOS/FreeRTOS (

The message "This page isn’t working" can indicate an issue with the HTTP server. Please ensure that the IP address and port configured on your LwIP server are correct, and that your browser is attempting to access the correct address. Additionally, could you test the connectivity using a ping command to verify that the device running LwIP is accessible from your computer?

With Regards,

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Hello @ASEHST 

I don't have Windows OS. I use MacOS. 

About "This page is not working". With the default fsdata.h (downloaded from official repository) that contains demo page everything works well. The main page, the 404 page and so one. 

The issue appears when I have used  the generated fsdata.h (as I mentioned in the previous message). 

In the both use cases the ping command was working correctly (using my computer). So the IP address and port are configured correct on the LwIP server. The problem is in my opinion with the makefsdata perl script.