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How to tune azure netxduo to receive more incoming connections?

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I am using the stm32h563 processor in my project. I made a TCP Server application using the ethernet connections of this processor and I was able to run it as I wanted. But I saw that it could not connect to another client over the same IP address without breaking the connection with one client. Even though I set the NX_MAX_PHYSICAL_INTERFACES defined value to two, there was no change. Also, in the files I shared, it is said that we can make a tcp server and 2 tcp client connections and open a separate socket for each (1).


After some research, I realized that this problem can be solved with lwip + freertos. Below are examples of these solutions. How can I make a similar solution on Azure RTOS Netx side?
Our problem with lwip + freertos solved community issue(2) was previously shared and the solution was "By tweaking the options in lwipopts.h, it should be possible to receive more incoming connections: MEMP_NUM_TCP_PCB, MEMP_NUM_TCP_PCB_LISTEN, MEMP_NUM_NUM_NETCONN, etc... " was returned as ".

As a similar header you can see the extension(3) under the References header.



(1)Understand Azure RTOS NetX Duo | Microsoft Learn

(2)Solved: How to tune LwIP to receive more incoming connecti... - STMicroelectronics Community

(3) I hope to achieve one-to-many connections using TC... - STMicroelectronics Community


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Eren Akyol

ST Employee

Hello @Eakyo.1 ,

I need to get more insights to help you with your further implementation of Netxduo .

are you using the following API call to accept an incoming client connection:

NX_TCP_SOCKET client_socket;

nx_tcp_server_socket_accept(&server_socket, &client_socket, NX_WAIT_FOREVER);

then you should create a new thread to handle the client connection with :


if it is the case could you explain the exact behavior from STM32 side when trying to connect the new client .



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