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getting started with MEMSMIC1 example on st32wb55rg-NUCLEO

Associate III

Hello, I am a beginner trying to use STM32CUBE IDE to programme my board to record audio using the pdm interface of SAI and I have many questions about the MEMSMIC1 example before I can begin. Instead of using the CCA02M2, I am using independent digital pdm microphones (IM73d122).

I want to start as simple as possible, with maybe 1 microphone pair and advance to two after i understand it more.

- Because my pin configuration is likely different from the example, in which file do i adjust this? There are so many subfolders and header files that I cannot find the location to do this.

- The description mentions that when using SAI there is a need for a software step for the pdm to pcm data acquisition. I guess this is not already included in the example? what do i need to do additionally for this?

- The description also mentions using Audacity to record the audio, but again this is applicable to usb streaming from the cca02m2. How can I get the data recorded in a similar way using just microphones connected to the nucleo board?


Thank you so much, if you have any general guidance for me on how to start other than my specific questions I would really appreciate it.



ST Employee

Hello @greenthumb

Unfortunately I cannot help you regarding IM73D122 and I would like to understand why don't you use the CCA02M2, for which I can bring my help.

Thanks for your understanding.