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Adafruit TFT 1.8'' v2 shield support for Nucleo STM32L476

Associate II

I've got a Nucleo STM32L476 board and noticed in the STMCubeF4 Repo the demonstration for the Adafruit TFT 1.8'' with Joystick and SD Card reader.

I've found this quite interesting and ordered the Adafruit shield. Unfortunately I've got the Adafruit shield v2 that is using the so called Seesaw chip as and interface for the shield.

The demo example from the repo doesn't work with this v2 shield and it's hard to find any example that could be used to modify the demo to get the v2 shield running.

Did anybody has the same experience and could help here? Will ST work on a new version of the demo to support v2 as well?