ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! Can I read ST25R3916 MAC address ?

I have two devices (which are with STM32F429 & ST25R 3916) from which I read NFC Wifi pairing and Bluetooth pairing tags. What can I change to make these two identical devices in terms of functionality (which are still physically different) indisting...

toshko by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25DV: why is a DC voltage delivered on VCC?

An internal voltage regulator allows the external voltage applied on VCC to supply the ST25DVxxKC, while preventing the internal power supply (rectified RF waveforms) to output a DC voltage on the VCC pin.Whats the purpose to output a DC voltage on V...

JDirk.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Integrating RFAL for ST25R3916 with STM32F2xx

I'm having trouble integrating RFAL for ST25R3916 with an STM32F2xx project. I downloaded RFAL from here: I am trying to follow the steps from section 4.3 How to Run the First Ex...

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PMurp.1 by Associate
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Resolved! FTM with st25r3916 without RFAL?

I would like to write my own program which can send messages and read from the mailbox on an st25dv-i2c. On one end I have a st32-L0 nucleo board which can access a x-nucleo-nfc04A1 mailbox via i2c. On the other end I have a st32-L433 connected to a ...

OSilv.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Programming ST25TA with NFC Tap app

Dear community,for my project it is necessary to write a text on a ST25TA NFC tag and lock it afterwards permanently.For this I use the ST25 NFC Tap app (Android & iOS), but the interface is hard to understand without any guides.Is there an expert or...

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DStei.5 by Associate II
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