ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! How about NFC Wireless Charging

I understand that I have exited the NFC WLC function and I currently have X-NUCLEO-NFC07A1. How do I charge the WLC-Listener using the battery charging function shown in the legend?


Resolved! Programing of ST25DV64KC-DISCO for NFC communication

Hey, I have the ST25DV64KC-DISCO discovery kit, and I want to program it such that whenever an NFC-enabled mobile phone comes in contact, the phone will connect to a Bluetooth address that will be given inside the firmware code. So in  NFC firmware c...

PoolBear by Associate III
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Resolved! Reading of ST25DV returns NACK via I2C

Hello, i'm starting to work with a ST25DV64 device and at beginning the read command of UID (Address 0x0018) just work fine. And i get the UID of the chip.But after implement some write commands (password,fast transfer mode, enable gpo,...) the chip ...

dierdorf by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use DLL CR95HF.dll on c#?

Hello Everyone,I'm developing a WPF(.NET Framework) application in which i'm using the CR95HF.dll also I'm using the CR95HF Demo Board to read some ICs like M24LRxxE and ST25DVxxKI've made some readings using VB.NET since all the information I found ...

Resolved! How to add data to an NDEF message?

Hi,I'm using an ST25DV04KC tag with the STM32L476 microcontroller as the host. I can write and read from the tag without issues through I2C. However, I'd like to inquire about the feasibility of gradually adding data to an existing NDEF message store...

GThab.1 by Associate II
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