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TCPP01-M12 OVP on CC lines


Good morning,


I have got a couple quick questions about the TCPP01-M12 chip:

  1. Does the OVP protection on CC lines works passively? (no voltage on VCC pin) I am talking about connecting/disconnecting USB plug conditions.
  2. What happens when there is permanent VBUS-to-CC short?
  3. I want to use the chip in conditions where the whole device is powered with 5 V and consuming less than 500 mA in total, no PD required. Is there any difference between these two configurations?
    1. Taken from the datasheet example:1.png
    2. Slightly modified by me:2.png 

In the second case I assuming that the chip would check if VBUS voltage is within the limit (dead battery resistors would be present), next the VBUS would power LDO from which the 3.3 V signals would power the chip and disable dead battery resistors allowing to use of the external ones. Am I correct about my assumptions? Does any of these designs is favorable?