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Beginner; make STM32F407 DevEBox available in Arduino IDE


Hi, I bought an DevEBox STM32F407 board to experiment with, using it as an Arduino on steroids. I installed al the required stuff in the Arduino IDE and I now have this board available there. But Windows 11 does not know what to do with the board when hooked up via USB. There is no COM port available in Arduino and the devide manager sees something, but has no drivers for it. I installed some drivers I found googling, but to no avail. I have the BT0 and 3V3 pins connected when I connect the board, if I don't Windows thinks of the board is a USB drive. With the jumper in place, device manager calls it STM32 BOOTLOADER, but as said it doesn't know what to do with it. Please advise.




This probably is the wrong forum for Arduino tools and boot loaders.

In "STM32 BOOTLOADER" mode you can use STM32 Cube Programmer in USB mode, to push .DFU files.

You'd need to make some kind of alternate boot loader, perhaps CDC / MSC combo so the DevEBox had a COM port, and you could drag-n-drop binaries into it.

Windows will only see the board as a USB device if you have some USB Device code running on the STM32F407

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First of all, great name. I hope you're in the process of making it happen, sounds like a great project.

Besides that, thanks for the reply. That helps. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to STM32, all my Arduino experience doesn't help to get this going.

first things first #1 set up the arduino ide by installing the stm cores in preferences ,Next install the STM boards in tools ,Download STM cube and install it , and now look on you tube for arduino  STM 32 how to and you will be very happy.