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New STM32 VSCode extension V2.0.0 released

Changelog Version 2.0.0 V2.0.0 implies a breaking change: CMake project generation has been moved from VS Code to STM32CubeMX v6.11.0 (and later). VS Code solution no longer has dependency on STM32CubeIDE (.cproject-files)VS Code solution no longer r...

VSCode How to install VCPKG on VSCode with Zscaler/Proxy

Issue:  The VSCode don't have the ability to route the extension network requests to the proxy (only VSCode application network is routed to the proxy) I -  the clean way (applies to network with Zscaler installed) ask for a Zscaler power user profil...

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Resolved! STM32 API for Delphi

Hello AllI tried searching all over. Is there a  STM32  API for Delphi program developers. The idea is that I am Delphi programmer who would like to design custom programs to read/write to STM32F4 development boards. STM32Cube IDE is fine for running...

techdesk by Associate III
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Resolved! Start debugging STM32 VS Code Extension

I was using the SystemWorkbench for years and everything OK.  Recently changed to STM32CubeIDE and also able to build and debug within hours with released ST project "STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.28.0".Have tried to use the new "STM32 VS Code Extension" in VSC...


Resolved! KEIL uVision5 Registers cannot be viewed in debug mode

I couldn't look at the registers while using Keil. The chip model is STM32U575VGT6. I remember the wrong package to install stm32U5, he said there was a file error, but I could still compile the U5 series chips. Is it because of this? now how do I in...

debug register.png packs svd.png target.png

Resolved! Target H723 with IAR EW for ARM 8.50.x

Hi, I would like to migrate a code on STM32F271 to a chip STM32H723 while using IAR EW 8.50.xMy problem is that H723 is not in the target list for  IAR EW 8.50.5I can target H723 with IAR EW 9.20 but in that way I loose compatibility with other softw...

Resolved! Need help with VScode + cmsis arm_math.h

Hi Guys, I'm new about VScode. I try to use arm_math.h in my program. but after i set include path in json file, the vscode can't find the function. and give me the message <<Function definition for 'arm_mat_init_f32' not found.C/C++>> my board is nu...

Leon_D by Associate II
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Pitch, yaw and roll

Hello,i have used the library i aploaded to calculate roll, pitch and yaw.I am using MPU6050 with STM32F103C8 and KEIL IDE.For pitch and roll i get good results but i cann't get the result for yaw.I use kalman filter for that. 

hamo by Senior
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