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VSCode How to install VCPKG on VSCode with Zscaler/Proxy

Issue:  The VSCode don't have the ability to route the extension network requests to the proxy (only VSCode application network is routed to the proxy) I -  the clean way (applies to network with Zscaler installed) ask for a Zscaler power user profil...

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Hardfault and BFAR address

I am using stm32f4. I have a hardfault error at sometimes, when I write new code in to the flash. So I check the Fault Registers like in below:SerialPrint("Fault: %08x %08x %08x\n",SCB->HFSR, SCB->CFSR, SCB->BFAR);Output results:SCB->HFSR = 0x400000...

DCtech by Associate II
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Toolchains build around vim editor

I personally like Vim as an editor. But it lacks of toolchains support for embedded development especially on Windows operating system. May I know if someone manage to find the right recipe?How do you get compiler ?How do you get the debugger?How do ...

BParh.1 by Senior III
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Resolved! STM32H750VBT6 & CubeMX & IAR

Hi everyone ;I am having a strange issue with IAR . I configured the mcu via cubemx and generated it then I build all the files but I got the errors in the attached files when I try to download the code into the MCU . But I don't get any issuse with...

BG1 by Senior
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Sending and receiving more then 4 bytes with SPI Block

I'm working with MAT-TARGET for several months by now and it is a great tool.In the past few days I encountered a problem regarding the maximum amount of bytes i can send throw the SPI Block (using Simulink R2019b) , while sending & receiving 4 bytes...

Grege.1 by Associate II
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