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New STM32 VSCode extension V2.0.0 released

Changelog Version 2.0.0 V2.0.0 implies a breaking change: CMake project generation has been moved from VS Code to STM32CubeMX v6.11.0 (and later). VS Code solution no longer has dependency on STM32CubeIDE (.cproject-files)VS Code solution no longer r...

VSCode How to install VCPKG on VSCode with Zscaler/Proxy

Issue:  The VSCode don't have the ability to route the extension network requests to the proxy (only VSCode application network is routed to the proxy) I -  the clean way (applies to network with Zscaler installed) ask for a Zscaler power user profil...

NawresGHARBI_1-1704443433898.png NawresGHARBI_2-1704443503313.png NawresGHARBI_3-1704443553581.png NawresGHARBI_4-1704443616206.png

Raspberry Pi to flash STM32 and user configuration bits

Hello,I would like to program a STM32 with a Raspberry and python script, I think it's possible with OpenOCD as I have seen on different forums.The other problem is also the programmation of user configuration bits, is it possible to do it ? I didn't...

SamC by Associate
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Remove __aeabi function

Hi guys,I'm novice in STM32, I'm working with IARIDE 850 I provided a flash memory area where I inserted two object modules which I expected should remain unchanged when I make changes to the other modules. Instead, I realized that the modules contai...

Jumper by Associate
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vcpkg configuration

Hello,Every time I try to import a project to VSCode I get the following vcpkg configuration error:read_contents("C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Code\User\globalStorage\ms-vscode.vscode-embedded-tools\vcpkg\root\scripts\vcpkgTools.xml"): no such...

CRebe.1 by Associate II
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