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Vulnerability of LPS28DFW in hot humidified gas


I am measuring pressure using the LPS28DFW under conditions where the gas flow is approximately 70°C with a relative humidity of 80-100%. During measurement under these conditions, I encountered an issue where the sensor stops working. However, the sensor resumes normal operation once it is sufficiently dried. According to the datasheet, the sensor is expected to function under these conditions, but it currently does not. I would like to inquire about the possible reasons for this issue.

Even in the presence of liquid droplets, the gel should prevent these droplets from reaching the MEMS, allowing it to function normally, but this is not happening. Could it be that the protective gel on the MEMS is leaking or detaching under these conditions?

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @LIS322 ,

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To answer better I need some more information: is the piece submerged in water or only part of it?

Only the part that measures pressure, the chimney, is water proof. The rest of the device (pad, PCB,...) is standard.

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