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ASM330 resonance frequency

Associate II


In the datasheet of the ISM330DHCX, the resonance frequency of gyroscopes and accelerometers is specified. but in ASM330LHH there is no information about the resonance frequency. Is the resonance frequency of ISM and ASM the same? Otherwise, please explain about the resonant frequency of the ASM330LHH.

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @Sepehr ,


What is not reported in the datasheet it's because is ST confidential and cannot be released.

If you give me more information about your application and why you need the resonance frequency I can try to help you in someway.

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I used the gyroscopes of ASM330LHH and accelerometers of ADXL355 to build an inertial measurement unit used in an unmanned helicopter. when the helicopter engine is turns on and the speed of the rotor rotation increases, the gyroscopes get a significant amount of bias. I hypothesized that maybe the frequency of vibration that the rotor creates is the same as the resonance frequency of the gyroscope, which is causing this error. But if the resonant frequency of ASM330LHH is equal to the resonant frequency of that ISM330, i.e. 20 kHz. My opinion would be wrong. For this reason, I want to know the resonance frequency of the gyroscopes of ASM330LHH and whether my problem will be solved if the ISM330 is used or not?

Associate II

It is not at all understandable to me why an important parameter such as the resonant frequency of the sensor, which is in the datasheet of all the inertial sensors produced by prominent companies in this field, is confidential in your company!!!! Is this due to a flaw in the design of your sensors and in order to hide this flaw????