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FreeRTOS support for BlueNRG-2?


I am evaluating Keil MDK5 for programming my BlueNRG-2 device. I have found that I cannot create a project from scratch with any RTOS support because the CMSIS driver seems to be lacking the Device.Startup section.

Looking in the SDK examples for the device, there is a single project BLE_BEACON_FREERTOS. It looks like a port of pieces of the FreeRTOS code to this device that I can use as a starting point, but it's not a very satisfactory answer to not be able to generate a project from scratch but instead to have to rely on a questionable and undocumented port. It also does not contain an Atollic project, so I assume that I cannot use any of the ST toolchain to develop with this model.

Is this my only option? This device isn't supported by STCube, it doesn't appear to be fully supported by Keil, and there is no RTOS support in Atollic even though that environment nominally supports it. Is ST actually serious about this device, or am I stuck programming against the ugly step child of the product line?

Richard Lowe
Senior III

I'm having the same issue. Can't seem to get it to work at all with an RTOS. No examples, not much feedback. Think it might be a step child product line.