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X-NUCLEO-6180A1 GUI Crashing when trying to calibrate

Associate II

Hi, I am trying to use the X-NUCLEO-6180A1 GUI to perform a offset and x-talk compensation calibration. Something i get the offset one to complete, and others times I don't and then the x-talk one will not complete. It just seems to hang up in the middle of the calibration and I have to kill the GUI and restart, after many hard resets and restarting the GUI i cant seem to get a full calibration complete. Is this a known issue? is there anything I can do to be able to perform a full calibration? Attached is a screenshot of the hangup.

ST Employee

We really did not do a very good job of the 6180 calibration.

Looks to me like you set it up for 50mm and it calibrated to 46. Hence a 4mm offset.

I'd set the override to 4mm and carry on with the crosstalk.

Not sure why it does not complete however.

It shoud.

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Associate II

Ah I see, didn't know i could input that myself, thanks! I did have another questions also. When setting to 50mm, I used the end of the standoffs to the module as the "0mm" point, I think based on the Manual, there is a 8mm distance from the sensor to the edge of the standoffs, therefore i set the distance from the standoffs at 42mm to the target (White sheet) and then other 8mm to the sensor from the standoffs makes 50mm does this make sense/is correct way to calibrate? I attached a picture if that helps also to understand my question.