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VL53L4CD interrupt problem when using SetDetectionThresholds




I'm using a VL53L4CD_SATEL board and I would like to switch between Thresholds detection interrupt and Data available interrupt.


To be more clear, by default, I have an interrupt each time a measurement is available.

If I check the low/high/window parameters of DetectionThresholds, they are set to 0.


Now if I set a Threshold, for example  

sensor.VL53L4CD_SetDetectionThresholds(150,150, 0);

now my IT is only triggered when the range is below150mm.


But my problem is when I want to come back in "normal" case, without threshold, I would like to have an IT triggered at each time a data is available, i've tried to put ma values back to 0 with 

 sensor.VL53L4CD_SetDetectionThresholds(0,0, 0);

but it is not working at all.


Is there a way to "cancel" the threshold IT properly and come back to "normal" interrupt?


Thank in advance



ST Employee

Hi Vicent,


By default, the API support either data ready or interrupt by threshold. so you set all value to 0 will not make it work for data ready.

I suggest you try 0x20 value, you should be able to get interrupt when ranged data ready. 

 status = VL53L4CD_SetDetectionThresholds(dev, 0, 0,0x20); // this is special settings only for your use case. 




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