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Resolved! STM32MP135 PANIC and DDR frequency error

Hello ST community,I am designing a board with STM32MP135 CPU and DDR3L based from STM32MP135F-DK.DDR stress test passed successfully and tf-a files are adjusted to have I2C4 on pins used in my design (SCL on PB13 and SDA on PB7).When I flash board t...

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Vince60 by Associate II
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Enabling PWM buzzer in STM32MP13X UBoot

Hi,We are working on developing a custom board that necessitates the immediate activation of a buzzer with a predefined frequency as soon as the board is powered up. We are exploring the feasibility of utilizing the PWM driver in U-Boot to achieve th...

Peripheral example for STM32MP135f-DK?

I am familiar with the STM32 MCU:s and now I try to learn some around the Linux MPU:s.I am looking for a simple pheripheral application example on how to control e.g some GPIO:s from inside Linux using the STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE.Any hints?Thank...

Resolved! Help needed in configuring I2S supply voltage

Hi,Are there any references for configuring the I2S supply voltages in device trees for STM32MP135-DK.From the I2S module currently we are getting the output level as 5V, is that expected or is there any way to change that from 5V to 3.3V.

Resolved! STM32MP133 OTP Alternate QSPI Boot

Hello, In order to use the non-default QSPI boot locations, my understanding is port0-port3, 4 signals need to be defined in OTP words 3, 5, and 6 based on a similar question about SDMMC1 discussed here:

Jasper by Associate II
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stm32mp135 - pcm5102a - sai1a

Hello,I try to connect a popular Arduino board PCM5102a with my board which is base on STM32MP135.I read some documentation from the link

MWoło.2 by Senior II
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Resolved! S24_LE support on I2S of STM32MP1 line

Hi,what's the state of the S24_LE format support on the STM32MP1 line of boards? It seems that S16_LE and S32_LE formats are supported on the I2S dai, however S24_LE is rather unavailable. Is there a way to somehow enable it (maybe through Cube MX) o...

AJank.2 by Associate III
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