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Resolved! flashing OpenSTLinux onto SD card

Hi,please can somebody give me a hint how to flash OpenSTLinux onto SD card on board STM32MP135F-DK ?i'm under specific condition, currently i can't download Starter package (some unknown technical problem) which includes utility : STM32_Programmer_C...

Resolved! bitbake build error - package openocd

Hi ,i'm trying to build st-image-weston for target board STM32MP135F-DKrepo init -u -b refs/tags/openstlinux-5.15-yocto-kirkstone-mp1-v22.11.23repo syncDISTRO=openstlinux-weston MACHINE=stm32mp13-...

STM32MP135 Bare Metal Project Debug Issues

Hi, Purchased the STM32MP135F-DK.Opened in STM32CubeIDE a Bare-Metal Project for this specific DK, with default IOC configurations, and only added a simple UART message in main to test. Project Build went fine, But unable to debug. The hardware setup...

robbiegalfrin_1-1704121617572.png robbiegalfrin_0-1704121547325.png robbiegalfrin_2-1704121747997.png robbiegalfrin_3-1704121876191.png

Resolved! compilation error of kernel in previous ecosystem 4.1

Hi,i'm trying to compile kernel from Ecosystem 4.1 , i'm downloading : version 4.1.0, kernel is linux-stm32mp-5.15.67-stm32mp-r2-r0/linux-5.15.67error from compilation :   HOSTC...