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STM32MP135 - Baremetal - Ethernet2

Hello, I would like to integrate ethernet2 in my bare-metal project. I am aware that not only eth2 pins have to be properly configured, but also a 10th pin of MCP IO expander. However, the eth2 seems to be disabled after all. I am doing the same conf...

Resolved! STM32MP131FAF7T how to program PMIC

I have a custom built  STM32MP131FAF7T board and can't set my VOUT2. The only line that is down is my VDD DDR Lines since I can't program my PMIC (STPMIC1DPQR) to have the VOUT2 to be 1.35 volts instead of 1.1 volts. My VCPU is at 1.2V, VDD is at  3....

T_Dodd by Associate
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Stop mode does not work as expected

Hi! I am using an STM32MP153 and am working on implementing the STOP mode functionality for my application. The MCU shall wake up on a falling edge on pin PI8. The pin PG15 has an interrupt attached to it for another functionality. Before going into ...

tinova-1 by Associate II
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STM32MP153 - How to drive PWR_ON pin to low

Hi, We would like to drive pin PWR_ON to low for low power mode.First, on MCU, we use HAL library: HAL_PWR_EnterSTANDBYMode(), load to M4 and run it first, so M4 now enter standby mode.Second, on MPU, we set TZEN=0 so non-secure, allow us to modify P...

Dat Tran by Senior II
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Resolved! vddcore voltage is unstable

Dears,I use STM32MP151FAD3 together with STPMIC1. Nowdays I monitored the voltage of vddcore and found it's not stable shown as below.Mostly it's around 1.2v while sometimes it's up to 1.33v .Referring to documentation, I guess it's casued by dynamic...


STM32MP1 Switch to Production Boot

I have a board where a secondary CPU can select the STM32MP1's boot mode.  On initial boot, the MP1 boots from NOR flash.  I can then send a command to the secondary CPU which switches the MP1's BOOTx pins to enable engineering boot and resets the MP...

DPade.1 by Associate II
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Is it possible that PMIC NVM is changed accidently?

Hi all ~We're using STM32MP157C MPU + STPMIC1A for my custom board with ecosystem 4.1We've completed almost all of development for hardware and software. And we just made a sample of 30 units. Unfortunately, we've found some issue in specific 3 units...