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Resolved! STM32U5 with MX25R6435F is madness ?

Hi,This is driving me crazy, let me explain.Setup : NucleoU575 with MX25R6435F in QSPI with wire jumper cables. Here's a code adapted from an ST example for the stm32l496g_discovery.The modifications were minor, and we simplified it to the maximum, j...

Bertha by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32U585 Azure IoT migrate to BG95

I'm trying to migrate my Azure IoT application from a BG96 to a BG95-M3, both from Quectel. I have solved some problem due to the difference in use of the uart3 pins of the BG96 and BG95. Should I make more modifications to the software? Is there a d...

JVica.1 by Associate II
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I almost dont want to ask the question...

Hello.I may be on a fools errand here. I have a STM32U5A9J-DK kit obtained by work, for work. I work for a medical devices company and I get to decide what hardware is used in one of our main medical telestration products. I have endless hardware exp...

Z8000 by Associate
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CRS SYNC setup with LSE and CubeMX puzzle

I try to setup CRS SYNC setup with LSE using the latest CubeMX.It appears that when CRS SYNC with Source LSE is selected, LSE does not get initialized unless RTC is active as well and its clock source is set to LSE. E.g crystal drive level option doe...

RCC-A.png RCC-B.png RCC-C.png
TDJ by Senior III
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Resolved! RTC timed wakeup from STANDBY v STOP0

Hello,I ran the STM32CubeU5\Projects\NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q\Examples_LL\RTC\RTC_ExitStandbyWithWakeUpTimer_Init application, which worked as described in its After changing the low power mode from STANDBY to STOP0, the RTC interrupt no longer fir...

EC.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! Kit/boards recommendation for handheld game console

Hi,I have for dream to be able to create a handheld game console like the PSP when I was younger. It's for this main reason I study electronics.I wonder if there is a kit that help me to understand and learn about the concept of it or something not t...

KarlY by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32u599NIH doesn't exist in the board selector tab

Hi guys , I'm currently engaged in a project that utilizes the STM32U599NIH microcontroller. Typically, I would initiate my work by searching for the project under the board selector tab, but in this case, the board is conspicuously absent. While I w...