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STM32U5A9ZJY6QTR Pixel Resolution support

Hello all,What is the pixel resolution support of STM32U5A9ZJY6QTR MCU.I need support of 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution for max 6'' inch display with both MIPI DSI and RGB888 support.Any possible help. 

Ashu123 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32U5 Can't exit STOP2 mode with LPTIM

Hi everyone,I'm trying to enter STOP2 mode with a STM32U575 and exit from it with a LPTIM1 compare match. LPTIM1 is clocked with LSE, so it should be still working in STOP2 mode.Here is part of my code in the main funtion: /* Initialize all configure...

LMenc.1 by Associate
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STM32U575 SPI data size issue

Hi,I am using STM32U575VIT6Q in a BPSK receiver. The STM32U575 SPI1 is set to slave, receiver only. GPDMA channel 6 is linked to the SPI1 input and buffering input data to a data array. The SPI1 clock input (PA5) is connected to TIM1 channel 3 output...

hguan by Associate II
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Hi,I picked up a X-NUCLEO-BNRG2A1, and I am trying to communicate with it through a Nucleo-U575 Board. I basically generated a project template through CubeMX for the STM32U575 and included the BlueNRG-2 (X-CUBE-BLE2) Pack to include Bluetooth HCL/AC...

IVent.1 by Associate III
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Can't able to upload code in STM nucleo-u575zu-q

we are using STM nucleo-u575zi-q module, when I try to connect with pc its indicating the error with this failed txt file, need help to rectify this issue, Due to this issue we are unable to upload new code to this controller, please help us to resol...

Raja2 by Associate
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Resolved! LPTIM stops working when RTC is activated

Hello,I started with configuring all 4 of the U5's LPTIMs to "Count internal clock events", sourcing all of them with LSE and using different period values for each. The autogenerated code (STM32CubeIDE v1.13.2) worked, meaning each timer toggled ind...

EC.3 by Associate III
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STM32U585 I2C SCL remains low and I2C hangs

Hi,I have two STM32L0 (slave) and STM32U585 (master) MCUs. I have no issue when Slave transmits data to Master. But, if Master transmits signal to Slave, it sends all the 9 clock pulses with address bits, but then the SCL remains low while SDA return...

ashah.16 by Associate II
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