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Resolved! Missing info in reference manual

In the STM32L562 reference manual (RM0438), v7.0, the section 11.6.13 "GPIO register map" is missing the registers MODER and PUPDR (which are documented in the preceding sections).

SZano by Associate III
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Resolved! CHOOSE MCU

Hi.I work on BMS. I want a master-slave topology. I want to use 300 slave cards and 1 master card. This BMS is for automotive. I check ST MCU. I guess, The card should be 10-bit I2C. Because I want 300 Slave cards. So, Can you Help me this subject? W...

bngstskn by Associate III
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Resolved! serial.peek() and serial.flush() equivalent in STM32

I'm trying to port a UART driver from aurdino to STM32. Able to relate all interfaces for aurdino vs STM32 while can't able to map ones for the followingserial.peek()serial.flush()Does HAL have an direct interface as peek() to get the next byte of in...

darthana by Associate
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VTOR_S when TrustZone is disabled

Using the latest STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeH5 and NUCLEO-H563ZI with TrustZone disabled.I put a breakpoint at the first instruction in startup in Reset_Handler. The debugger shows in SFRs, SCB->VTOR_S is 0x8000000 (which is my NSBOOTADD) and SCB->VTOR_N...

mete by Senior
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STM32L552 I2S DMA and CDC continuous transfer problem

I have an ADC connected to my MCU using I2S. MCU configured in I2S master receive mode. MCU supplying the ADC with 12MHZ MCLK. MCU sampling freq is 48 KHZ(Actual is 46.875 KHZ), Number of slots are 4, Data size is 16bits and I2S standard protocol. Us...

Dhanaraj by Associate
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Systick not running while debugging stm32L552CEU6

Im using a customboard and when it's able to upload and debug, it seems to get stuck at the HAL_Delay fucntion where get_systick(); always seems to return 0. problem with this is that i cannot find a way to solve this, and my SWD, on the chip does no...

jvan .2 by Associate II
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I want to read and write to w25q128jv with stm32l5 octo spi insted of quad spi.. is there anybody help me. ı could not write correctly.. and ı could not erase. correctly. first problem is when ı was write whiel start addres 0 my code write start to t...

Snm.1 by Associate III
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DMA Mode change source Increment address

ILI9341 SPI display running on an L5 processor on a custom board.In a never ending quest to make the display go faster, I've split off the generic write image from the generic fill block.Since the high level drivers work with any type of display, all...