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PKA - ecdsa curve support

The sample code uses p256v1 (which seems to actually be p256r1). This curve works well.​I Got PKA to sign correctly using p256k1 with some minor curve updates.​I​ am having trouble setting up p224r1. Has anyone got curves other that p256 to work?​T​n...

Hedley by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L552-EV, attempting to IAP program the flash through UART connection, however always fails to send the bin file through Y-modem protocol.

I've been using the example AN4657 and following it to a T. I'm using the example project library files form the STM32L476G IAP_Main and modified them where necessary to work with the 552.I can successfully connect to TeraTerm via usart3 connection a...

Rikerq by Associate II
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STM32L552E-EV Demonstration Firmware

Hello, I trying to test Demostration Firmware(*1) for my STM32L552E-EV evaluation Board, and in the documentation for this Demo is written:<<This demonstration has been tested with STM32L552E-EV (MB1372-C02) evaluation board and can be easily tailo...



I ported openocd to the stm32l522. ​​​openocd -f board/st_nucleo_l522.cfg​​From there you can remote connect from gdb, flash, and see the s/ns processor regs. Watchpoints work also.​Hedley​​

Hedley by Associate III
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Certain read causes hang/crash

Reading this cell: 0xe0040000 will hard crash the CPU. You can do it from non secure code also, which opens the way for a possible denial of service attack.​I​n gdb:​x​/x 0xe0040000​I​ realize parallel trace (the tpiu reg in Q) is not implemented but...

Hedley by Associate III
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Resolved! How can I read & write TAMP backup x register?

In the reference manual under 39.6.18 there is the description of the TAMP backup registers (TAMP_BKPxR).Neither in the RM nor in the STM32CubeL5 Hal I can find the base address of those registers.How can I read&write to TAMP_BKP0R - TAMP_BKP31R?