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How to enable Fast Mode Plus(Fm+) for I2C on STM32L496?

I'm trying to configure the I2C to run at 1Mhz(Fm+) on STM32L496. As per the RM0351, it does support fast mode plus mode. I tried generating the code from STM32Cube IDE and check the SCL pin of logic analyzer. However, I see 400 khz I2C clock frequen...

ANath.1 by Associate II
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FR_Invalid_Object error - STM32L4R5ZI Nucleo Board

I am currently trying to get an SD card working with SPI on an STM32L4R5ZI Nucleo board, using STM32CubeIDE V1.13.2 using the latest L4 embedded package. I currently have my code opening the card and even opening the file (I receive FR_OK for both, e...

JayDev by Senior II
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Resolved! STM32L4A6 ADC Sequence Time less than expected

I'm using ADC1 to measure the Temperature Sensor channel and the Vrefint channel. I expect those to vary very slowly and I am in not in a hurry so I am maximizing the sampling time. These are my settings in STM32CubeIDE:It generates the following in ...

CKugl1_0-1715886426768.png CKugl1_1-1715886508737.png
CKugl.1 by Senior II
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OSPI in QSPI mode, issue with sending address

I'm importing some QSPI code we've been using a few years from an SMT32F7xx project to a new project using an STM32L4xx. Both projects use the same target device. I'm having an issue where the majority of messages don't seem to be sent. After debuggi...

Shutdown issue with wakeup reason

Hi all,I have the following question related with an issue in LOW power modes in STM32 L4.We have developed a board with a STM32L4+. In this board we set the shutdown mode (by HAL_PWREx_EnterSHUTDOWNMode) and we wake from a wake-up pin (we are using ...