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Resolved! InvalidateDCache with AXI-SRAM gives HardFault

Hello,I have recently moved RAM from DTCM to AXI SRAM (so that I get more RAM).It then failed in dma example.After investigation I found out that the call to  SCB_InvalidateDCache results in HardFault_Handler.I've changed it to use   SCB_Invalida...

ranran by Senior II
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ADC calibration

Hi,How to calibrate the adc... I am using Nucleo H743 and my H753 boards. Vref is 3.32V in nucleo, and 3.31V in my board.. when i convert the adc value by simply multiplying with Vre/65536, the result is almost greater than 11.mV (for Vin> 1.0000V) ...

NUCLEO-H743ZI availability? - Q to STM team

Dear STM team,we use and love your STM32H7. We would need approx. 50 NUCLEO-H743ZI, but no way to order this amount.It looks like, the H7 NUCLEO is not available (in the US) "anymore".What is the status of your H7 chips, esp. NUCLEO boards?Is my gues...

How the font size can be Increased?

I upgraded the STM32CubeMx to 5.0, today. But it is very difficult to read the User Interface and Text in the Program. How i can get bigger fonts?I am developing programs with STM32H753 (my own PCB), and H743(nucleo 144) board... Is there any bigger ...

I am SPI DMA working on STM32F7, but when i try to shift the same to STM32H7 i am not able to get it working. I am not gettin DMA callback.

I am only using DMA to receive data continuously so when i want to receive data I am swithcing modes from full duplex to receive only. this whole pattern was working on F7 but not able to get it working on H7.I have followed some solutions given on S...