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Can ROHS BGA be used with SnPb solder?

It's my understanding that it is a bad idea to mix lead-free and leaded solder, and that it can cause cracks.I'm using a TFBGA100 package on an STM32H7 and have some long-term reliability requirements. In order to avoid tin-whiskers, I was considerin...

Resolved! purpose of RCC_RSR_RMVF

I read RCC RSR to determine the cause of reset. It is not clear to me the purpose of RMVF bit. I guess it resets the other flags but why would I want that ? I wonder if I am missing something.

mete by Senior
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Resolved! Maximum external clock frequency for STM32H5 timers

What is the maximum clock source frequency can I use as an external clock for timer?I have a 20MHz source and PLL frequency made out of this source. The purpose - generate lower frequency pulses that synchronous to that 20MHz clock with controlled de...

STM32H5 high-cycle data read more than 16bit at once

Hi,I'm using STM32H563 and managed to set FLASH_EDATA1R_CUR as needed (EDATA1_EN="1", EDATA1_STRT="111"). Then I tried to read 64-Bit at once from Address 0x09000000. Unfortunately I get a hard fault. Is it intended to read more than 16 bit from the ...

Resolved! VREFBUF and STM32H563VI

I have VREFBUF configured for output to comparator on my board. I see this on MCU Vref+ pin...Is 1.2MHz waveform typical? Are capacitors on Vref+ expected to smooth? I looked for avg closer to 2.5v (VREFBUF_VOLTAGE_SCALE0). How close to 2.5v should t...

mccabehm by Associate III
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is there a need for early initialization, SystemInit ?

So the startup code first sets the stack pointer, and then jumps to SystemInit for early initialization, then copies the initial values of data and zeroes bss region and then kickstarts C startup. Is there anything hardware related that has to be don...

mete by Senior
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STM32H563 EDATA Size - Code Generation Issue

Hello,I am using the Cube Code Generator, within the STM32CubeIDE (version 1.13.1) for an STM32H563, and have configured the Flash Data Sectors to use the maximum 8 sectors per bank for EDATA. The valid range for the EDATA sector size is 0 - 7, as sh...