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Resolved! H563 will have Hardfault when enable SRAM3 ECC

I am using the Nucleo board (H563) to test the SRAM ECCI have create a new project by board selector.Just have several printf function at main to print out to the SWO.It is working well without setting the SRAM ECC enable.However, once set the SRAM3 ...

JFung.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Blocking vs non-blocking UART using an RTOS

Hello there!I've been setting up the UART peripheral on my STM32H5 and everything works great! However, there is one thing I can't completely understand:Using an RTOS to call HAL_UART_Transmit or HAL_UART_Transmit_IT, what's the advantage of one over...

nunokisi by Associate
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I want to read Temperature data in register [20h,21h] , but the data I read are 0x00 , should I setting which register ?  

KevinHSU by Associate
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Resolved! Some I3C Speed Rates are not available?

Hi,I am working with  STM32H5RBT6U:How do I calculate the frequency of the I3C Controller? Is there documentation to cover the content?I tried using CubeMX to set the frequency, but strangely, all the frequencies work fine except 3~5MHz. The exceptio...

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Resolved! LPTIM2 Pulse Counter

On NUCLEO-H563ZI board I put 3KHz square wave on LPTIM2_ETR (PC4). I want LPTIM2 to continuously count. However the count never increases. LPTIM2 setup...AndClock looks likeMX_LPTIM2_Init() looks likestatic void MX_LPTIM2_Init(void) { /* USER CODE ...

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mccabehm by Associate III
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I'm using an STM32H563 and the STM32CubMX for initialisation. I'm trying to use the USART in DMA mode and having trouble with the Tx DMA.I use:HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA(&huart10, (uint8_t *) uart10RxDMABuffer, UART10_RX_BUFFER_SIZE);for the receiv...

Problem to program a STM32H562ZI

 Hello everyone, I got new prototypes (20 total) for a project with the STM32H562ZI and I'm not able to program/debug the MCU, can't detected the MCU, I try with ST-Link V2 and V3. I try ST-Link utilities, STM32CubreProgrammer and in STM32CubeIDE. I ...

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SGrot.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Circular DMA on ADC runs once and stops

I'm using an STM32H563. Setup to get ADC captures into a buffer using DMA in circular mode.I have TIM1 triggering an ADC1 conversion of two channels. And a buffer with 16 readings using DMA. The GPDMA is set in Standard Request Mode and Circular enab...