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Resolved! STM32G431rbt6 firmware isn't working after reset

I've designed a board with stm32G431 MCU (i will include schematic if necessary) and now trying to test how it works. I am using CMSIS for programming and wrote the most simple blink program (LEDs are on PB3-6):#include "stm32g431xx.h"   void delay(u...

ADovn.1 by Associate II
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Voltage tolerance on VCC, VDDA, VREF

According to datasheet, VREF must be <=VDDA.We use an accurate 3.3V reference voltage on VREF.VDDA is connected to VCC supplied by a LDO 3.3V with +-2% accuracy.Thus it would be possible that VREF is above VDDA by 66mV. Is that a problem?

GAnde.1 by Associate II
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STM32G4 PLL documentation errors

Hi,The documentation between the STM32G4 RM0440 Rev 3 and between the individual MCU specifications is inconsistent when it comes to the PLL limits. In the documentation for RCC_PLLCFGR we have the following two statements:PLLN: "The software has to...