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CAN Bus error frame - how do I detect it [STM32]

What registers do I look at and what bits? Also, does the peripheral library wrap all the code needed to handle error frames? We are using a board Nucleo-G474RE.This question was already asked at

Resolved! Are the WLCSP versions of the STM32G4x3 and STM32G4x4 lines still on schedule to be released in Q1 2020, in light of the covid-19 situation?

@Imen DAHMEN​  Still looking here for a small-footprint solution in the stm32g4 line with hardware SPI flash (QuadSPI) handling. The WLCSP versions of the STM32G4x3 and STM32G4x4 lines might be viable. They are slated to be released in Q1 2020 (that ...

TB by Associate III
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How to make LED (LD2) in NUCLEO-G474RE stop blinking ?

Hi everyone,I am trying to play around with the demonstration application included in the NUCLEO-G474RE. The user LED (LD2) blinks at 3 different frequences (increasing order) and one can shift between them by pressing the B1 switch (blue switch) and...

jefazo92 by Associate III
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STM32G431KB strange DAC slew rate behaviour

I assume this issue applies to DACs across all the MCUs but I am testing on a Nucleo-G431KB so I'll stick with the scientific facts.​When I write a 12bit DAC value greater than 4060, the "down" slew rate in buffered output mode drops off a cliff.​For...

etheory by Senior
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