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Resolved! STM32G0 DAC ADC TIM2

Using TIM2_TRGO to trigger DAC. That works.​Now want same TIM2_TRGO also to trigger ADC.Is that possible ?Regards Juergen

JuM by Senior
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Resolved! STM32G0, DAC, DMA, TIM2

Would like to generate a 100 Hz sine signal using DAC1, channel 1 (PA4, G071 NUCLEO @ CN8.3).Would like to use TIM2 to trigger the DAC and DMA to feed the DAC.But am not successful. TIM2 is running, but DAC is not fed.Please have al look at the (bare...

JuM by Senior
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STM32G0 conterpart for STM32F0's GPIO_SetBits ?

Hello there,I am porting the implementation of a specific component that's currently working together with a STM32F0 to work with a STM32G0.Most of the functions need to be changed from the old implementation to its STM32g0_ll_xyz.h counterpart, but ...

STM32G0, DAC, 4095 or 4096

Using NUCLEO-G071RB board and therein DAC_OUT1, PA4, CN8.3.Use internal Vref with 2500 mV.Calculating DOR from a dst_voltage using equation in Reference Manual ​(page 360/1223)  DOR = DACoutput * 4096 / Vref gives voltages3..5 mV  too high, e.g.//  4...

JuM by Senior
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Truoble with i2c using nucleo-g071rb

Hello, I am new to the whole stm32 environment. I've always used arduino in the past and I wanted to try something new for this project.I am having a really hard time setting up an i2c connection between a nucleo board (MASTER) and an arduino(SLAVE)....

MMocc by Associate
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STM32G0 - Determining Vref

Hi, using STM32G071 Nucleo Board.Set Vref to internal 2.500 Volt.Set jumpers accordingly (SB28 ope´n, SB21 close) and measure 2.5001 at pin AVDD (CN5.8) on Nucleo Board. So far, so good.Now try to determine AdcVref in software by reading ADC_CH_VREF ...

JuM by Senior
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Micro Trace Buffer (MTB) in STM32L0 devices?

Figure 1 in STM32L0 Series Cortex®-M0+ programming manual (PM0223/DocID025763 Rev 3) shows a "Micro Trace Buffer (MTB)" on the top right. I could not find further information on that, neither in the reference manual RM0377 nor in the data sheet of ST...

seren by Associate II
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